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allll byyy myseeeelf

The obligatory ~*HOW'S MY DRIVING*~ post. If you think there's anything, even a teeny tiny thing, wrong with Sakura's characterisation-- then please ping me here! I have played this girl for a while, but I seriously cringe when I look back on how I played her in my early days of el jay rp. I'd like to think that I've improved, but... sometimes I feel SO SHAKY with her. So anything you've got to throw at me? It's appreciated! ♥♥

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allll byyy myseeeelf

♥- You seem nice! Sakura would like to get to know you better |D
♥♥- She would refer to you as a friend, even if she doesn't know you well.
♥♥♥- You are preeeetty damn awesome, srsly.
♥♥♥♥- She would probably jump in front of a kunai barrage for you kkthx (=bff)
♥♥♥♥♥- She loves you hardcore, man.
♦- She doesn't know you well yet, so she won't judge.
♦♦- You tick her off a little.
♦♦♦- You basically suck and she stays clear of you.
♦♦♦♦- She wants to punch you in the face, really hard. And break your legs, possibly.
♦♦♦♦♦- She hates you with every fibre of her being.

☺- Means you are classified "family", as well.


one ][ voice
ex-squeeze me?
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--ese things are so wei--

[The recording starts off filled with static, as Sakura tampers with the SFC to get it to work properly. There's a burst of white noise before her voice starts to come through clearly.]

I guess I'd better introduce myself if no one knows how long we're going to be here, right? So-- hello! My name is Sakura.  

It seems like a few people here have been feeling nauseous the past few days... and it seems like touching that giant coral gets rid of the symptoms. I never thought that, as a trained medic, I'd say that. It has some healing properties, obviously, but I'm not sure how or why. It seems safe enough, though.
[She lets out a long sigh, before continuing.] Look, I know a lot of us aren't exactly in great positions. I myself have my duties to get back to as a kuonichi, but-- [A pause, and then the sound of fumbling]-- I-I mean. Forget I said that. Seriously--?

A-anyway! My point is, we have to help each other out if we're going to get anywhere in this place. I'm going to shut up now. 

[ooc: so yes, Sakura is affected by the curse~! Have at her bbs.♥]


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